Worlds Await...

"Whether I’m speaking at a conference, recording in my office studio, or taking part in a TV interview, I’m telling stories about how our culture can pull us apart, and about how you and I can bring our world back together again..."

- Carl

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Introduction: Born for a Better World.

Anthropologists tells us that, for most of humanity’s time on this planet, we lived our lives in villages. In these villages, our psychological need for each other was beautifully, eloquently met. But, beginning a few thousand years ago, a mono-culture began its spread across our planet, a culture unsafe for humanity...

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The Psychology of What Happens You... in a consumer culture

Presented at the International Communal Studies Associaiton (ISCA) 2024 Conference, Jan 15-19, 2024

We’ll explore the inner fall that comes for each of us when our natural desire for relationship is thwarted by humanity’s collapse into consumerism. We’ll see how this creates a fragmentation within us that mirrors the separation that has happened around us, and we’ll talk about the road that takes us home.

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When the Heart Shatters: Grief, Loss, & Sorrow in Today’s Culture

Presented at the International Integrative Psychotherapy Association 11th Professional Education Conference: Presence & Involvement, Bilbao, Spain, June 15-17, 2023

Grief invites us on a journey to the underworld. When we let go and take this ride, entering into the grief of where we are, we discover something remarkable. Grief breaks our hearts, but, when we allow it, it also breaks us open... and,open, we can find our way home to each other.

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