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I hope you’ll join me in creating cultures of belonging and connection, one person, one home, one workplace, and one community at a time.

- Carl

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Individual Therapy: Transform your Internalized Culture

Building a culture of belonging is an inner experience as much as it is an outer one. As children, we grow up internalizing parts of our family of origin’s culture, our school’s culture, and even our nation’s culture. (Eric Berne famously called this your life script.) We are shaped by the cultures we were once steeped in, even when this doesn’t serve us in beneficial ways.

It’s time to liberate yourself from the aspects of your internalized culture that push you away from relationship with others (and even yourself).

This might mean finally freeing yourself from your fear of conflict, abandonment, or rejection; or liberating yourself from your tendencies to withdraw or attack.

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Couples & Family Therapy: Transform the Culture in Your Most Important Relationships

When couples come together, sometimes building a family, it’s not just a blending of lives, but also a blending of cultures. This can quickly devolve into a clash of cultures, leading to conflict, disappointment, and, if left unchecked, despair.

Developing a shared intentional culture — founded on understanding and compassion — empowers you to build meaningful lives together.

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Team & Leadership Workshops: Create an Intentional Culture of Appreciation & Inspired Purpose

Organizations often operate with a fragmented culture, one where each person comes in with their own individualized set of beliefs and expectations about how things will (or should) work. Without an intentional alignment, this can first lead to separation and silos and later to conflict and high turnover.

Organizations benefit deeply when they cultivate relationally rich cultures. This empowers everyone to feel valued and connected, enabling them to make the most of their time together.

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Therapist Training Programs: Learn the Art & Science of Transforming Clients’ Inner Cultures

Most therapists are taught to help clients regulate their emotions and manage their everyday lives. But, what most clinicians long for is something far more profound. Therapists want to help clients overcome the stories they’ve internalized, stories that have limited their potentials. Therapists want to help clients transform their inner cultures.

Therapists find meaning and inspiration when they learn how to liberate clients from old, rigid patterns, guiding them to live relationally-rich lives. (Learn more.)

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Communities: Build The Culture You’ve Been Waiting For

We live in a consumer culture demanding we survive on our own, demanding we find security by working tirelessly to build our own individual piles of wealth. But this leaves each of us lonely and exhausted.

There is something better out there, waiting. Are you ready to live in a world of connection and belonging, a world where security is found in the safety of one another? If you’re ready to trade the pursuit of material security for the experience of true social security, then you’re ready for the Great Culture Lab.

Here at The Great Culture Lab, we’re writing & actively building tools to support people in coming together to form intentional cultures & communities. We’re also supporting existing communities in building stronger, relationally-rich cultures (Contact Us for more information.)

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