Guest on “Let’s Talk About Grief With Anne”

Carl talks about humanity’s history with grief. He explains how, for most of our time on Earth, we lived our lives in villages. And in these villages grief was always shared, and never carried alone. He contrasts that to the isolation of our current consumer culture, speaking about how we’re being asked to hide our grief. He encourages each of us to bring our grief, to one another, because grief was always meant to be shared.

If you’d prefer to watch the video, you’ll find it here... YouTube.

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Guest on Mind Split Cafe

The interviewers invite Carl to talk a little bit about everything, from psychology to culture to what happens sitting across from Carl in his therapy office. “It’d been a while since I’d appeared on a podcast,” Carl reflects, “so my pacing is a little too quick at the beginning, so I think. I enjoyed my listening experience most when I started in the middle, listened till the end, and then returned to the beginning.

You can also watch the Podcast (instead of just listening to it) on YouTube.

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