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Carl R Nassar, PhD, LPC, CIIPTS, is a writer, researcher, trainer, former university professor, and psychotherapist who calls Fort Collins, Colorado home. He writes about what his research shows: That we live in a culture of consumerism, but our true home is a culture of connection.

Carl’s diverse background includes a career as a decorated university professor at Colorado State University in the field of electrical engineering, building a million dollar research lab and publishing two books and over a hundred research articles;  a career as an award-winner psychotherapist who supervisors and trains other therapists internally; a career as founder and CEO of a large three-hundred person mental health organization and later as an Executive Director for LifeStance Health.

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Dr. Carl Nassar Announces Launch of Initiative to Build Cultures of Connection

Colorado Researcher, Author, & Therapist Seeks to Restore Community & Well-Being

FORT COLLINS, CO - Colorado author, therapist, and leading mental health expert Dr. Carl Nassar announced his initiative to create cultures of connection, cultures overcoming today’s isolation epidemic.

“We’re relational beings by nature,” explains Dr. Nassar. “A hundred years of research in the field of psychology agrees. From the moment we arrive in the world, we long to have a place where we're surrounded by people who welcome us, people who warmly receive us.

“We all know our society needs connection more than it needs consumerism, and just about everyone is ready to start living what we believe,” Dr. Nassar said. “We’re born for a better world than the one we have, a world that connects us rather than separates us. But, what everyone wants to know is... how do we get there?”

Dr. Nassar’s initiative begins on his website,, where people are invited to read, watch, and listen to his roadmap for creating the sort of cultures we all long for. It’s a roadmap that encompasses both an individual inner journey and a collaborative outer one. In the months ahead, Dr. Nassar plans to create interactive experiences, experiences to link like-minded people together and journey with them into a shared future of collaboration.

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